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Websites On Chinese Immigration Experiences At Angel Island


Imprisoned in the wooden building day after day,

My freedom is withheld; how can I bear to talk about it?

I look to see who is happy but they only sit quietly.

I am anxious and depressed and cannot fall asleep.

The days are long and bottle constantly empty;

My sad mood even so is not dispelled.

Nights are long and the pillow cold; who can pity my loneliness?

After experiencing such loneliness and sorrow,

Why not just return home and learn to plow the fields?


From the walls of Angel Island Immigration Station, author unknown, Poem 32 from Island, p. 68.


Official Site for Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation


Traveling exhibit on Angel Island experiences of immigrants


A Baptist woman missionary describes the processing of immigrants at Angel Island. Opinions and language reflect attitudes and prejudices of the era of this 1917 publication.


A Chinese American photojournalist’s portraits and oral history of survivors of Angel Island process.


A Chinese American artist portrays the secrecy of the Angel Island experience. Go to GALLERY tab and click on INDEX OF FLAGS at bottom of page. Each “flag” in the exhibit is the story of  the Angel Island ordeal of a different immigrant.


Several case histories, quite different from each other, revealing the difficult ordeal faced during interrogations at Angel Island.  Actual pages of the case files can be viewed here.


A detailed and poignant case history of “An Alleged Wife” who was detained for almost 2 years because officials did not believe her story.  Shows actual documents from her case file, with commentary and analysis. Comes in 2 parts.


Some poems etched on the walls of Angel Island by immigrants detained while attempting to enter the U. S.