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History of Chinese in U. S. and Canada



A documented historical account that provides an excellent overview of the lives of Chinese in California from the 1850s to the early 1900s, what they did for a living, and how they were targets of racial discrimination. National Park Service.


Columbia River Basin

Describes the Chinese in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho who worked as merchants, minors, and railroad workers in the late 1800s and developed communities where they operated restaurants, laundries, and stores.


Seattle, Washington


Utamilla County, Oregon


Grant County, Oregon




Butte, Montana



The early Chinese worked on the Union Pacific railroad and in coal mines, but they met with often hostile reactions from the whites. They managed to survive and make contributions to their communities.



Many of the Chinese who worked on building the railroads stayed and established communities in Utah and the surrounding area.


Deadwood, South Dakota

Ingenuity and the ability to work hard and live cheaply enabled Chinese to succeed in many businesses but they were often persecuted because Whites felt that the Chinese were taking away their jobs.

Laundry DeadwoodUnderGround


Tucson, Arizona

Excellent site outlines the history of Chinese-Americans in Tucson. Includes short biographies of prominent of Tucson Chinese-American and links to other web resources.



History of Chinese in Texas with excellent description of coolie labor recruitment and the types of businesses that Chinese entered

Chinese Texans




Mississippi Delta

How Chinese came after the Civil war and established communities running mom and pop grocery stores in the rural towns along the Mississippi Delta.





A preliminary site on the history of Chinatown in Detroit





Lowell, Masschusetts

Historical analysis of how Chinese immigrants came to a New England industrial town in 1870s and how they fared up to the 1970s



A small number of Chinese settled in Maine


United States in general



Chinese in Canada


History of Chinese in Canada


British Columbia To Toronto


Lem Wong’s life in Ontario


Enderby, British Columbia, Canada

History of Chinese community in small town, British Columbia, Canada



Barkerville, British Columbia, Canada